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how to Multiple website open in only single click .

In this tutorial we learn how to multiple website is open in only single
  click.without any third party software.there are easy steps ,
  see step by step and follow them.

Step(1):-- open notepad .

Step (2):-- copy that codes ,and past in notepad .

@echo off

Step (3):--  after pasting that codes,the notepad file is saving as website.bat
   (you can saved that file in any name but extention of that file is must .bat) .

Step (4):-- after saving that ,double click on website.bat all website
    is open in only single click.

Note:--you can add more website in this code,before all website url,you must writestart .For more updation or tricks  click

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How to set up Bitlocker to secure your drive

What is Bitlocker ?Bitlocker is a feature of windows vista,windows 7(enterprise,ultimate) and later versions .Bitlocker that encrypts the Disk drive not your data.It provide security to our data from unauthorized access from other users.It is also known as secure startup and device encryption.
Now we learn how to set up bitlocker to our computer ,,see step by step and follow them.
Step 1):-- Firstly click on Start menu .see below.....

Step 2):-- After that click on Control panel .                                 
Step 3):-- A new window is open in front of you .now you click on that arrow which is under in Red circle.

Step 4):-- After that click on all control panel Items .    

Step 5):--After that click on BitLocker Drive encryption  option.

step 6):--  now select a Drive which you want to secure  and click on Turn on BitLocker option .see below...

Step 7):-- Now a new window is open in front of you, here you click on check box which is under the Red circle .
Step 8):-- Now give a password at le…

How to Download kali linux .

for download free  kali linux easily click here,,

How to mount drive in our computer to use more memory space.

what is mounting? mounting take place before a computer can use any kind of storage device.the user or their operating system must make it accesible through the computer file system. as a Example-- If E: Drive does not have any more space and some it's related data is not stored by it in this condition we mount that drive to another drive as a Example G: drive.See step by step and learn how to mount drive in  any windows operating system:---

Step 1):--  Right click on My Computer and click on Manage .

Step 2):--  after that a new window is open in front of you .  there you click on Disk management. Step 3):--  Here a new window is open in front of you see below .                                    Step 4):-- After that we select the Drive who have full storage,  as a Example we selected E Drive and click on  change Drive letter and paths option.

Step 5):-- after it a new little window is open in front of you, here you click on Add option.            
Step 6):-- After that a new window is o…

How to make virtual memory(virtual Ram)

Hello friends,
                      Now we discuss how to make virtual memory or Ram to faster your follow this steps and make your pc faster.

Step 1):- Right click on my computerand also  click on properties .

Step 2):-   Then click on  advanced system settings .          

Step 3):-- After that a new window is open in front of you.                                   Then you click on Setting option.see in image .

Step 4):-- now a new window is open in front of you. you click on  advanced option here.

Step 5):-- Then click on Change option .                                                                               

Step 6):-- After that give virtual memory size that you want to do.                             

Step 7):-- Then click on set button .                                                                                 

Step 8):-- now click on Ok option .                                                                                       

Step 9):--  after that a new l…

How to know your operating system is 32 bit or 64bit

Hello friends,
                       This is your friend prateek singh, today we discuss how to know your operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit based.see below step by step-----.

Steps:--My computer ---> right click ------> properties

seen this images here----->